Don't make Halloween Scarier than it needs to be!

Trick or treat is a major part of Halloween celebrations and is meant to be a fun time for all.

But for some the prospect of people knocking on their door all night is not an enjoyable one - especially for those who are elderly or vulnerable.

To make Halloween a happy and safe time for everyone, we have created a simple Trick or Treat poster, which highlights whether Trick or Treaters are welcome to call, or not! Simply download and print the poster and fold it to display the relevant side in the front door or window of your home!

The aim is not to discourage anyone or spoil anyone's fun, but to give residents the option to participate if they would like to, or to not to participate if they don't.

No Trick Or Treaters Jpg



Trick or Treating Safely

  • Always be accompanied by an adult when you are trick or treating
  • Only go to houses of people you know and who are happy for you to call
  • Keep to places you know and that are well lit
  • Do not take short cuts through gardens or alleyways
  • Watch out for traffic - drivers might not see you
  • Carry a torch and a fully charged mobile.