Nuisance FiresGood Guy Anti-social behaviour

Although a majority enjoy the autumn celebrations in the lead-up to bonfire night safely, there are a minority of people who use the celebration as an excuse for anti-social behaviour and setting deliberate nuisance fires!

Deliberate fires are often set in bins, containers, skips, derelict buildings, parks, industrial land and on grass land. 

Setting a fire on purpose on public land can put someone's life at risk and impact our community.

Reckless & irresponsible

Deliberately set fires are dangerous and malicious, they: 

  • waste time and money and keep the fire service away from real emergencies;
  • can reduce visibility on nearby roads - causing hazards for drivers;
  • may contain plastics, rubber or painted materials which produce toxic fumes;
  • can easily spread, especially if lit closely to nearby buildings, trees, fences and other flammable obstructions;and;
  • can be a danger to small animals, who may use the build-up of waste as refuge - trapping them inside. 

The Fight against Fire

The bonfire period is often a busy time for emergency services.
Help us tackle fire:

  • Report any build-up of combustible waste and fly-tipping to St.Helens Council on 01744 676789 for removal before nuisance fires are lit
  • Be aware of strangers loitering in your street - if they do so for some time, inform Merseyside Police on their non-emergency number:101
  • Contact Merseyside Police via the non-emergency number 101 to share information on anyone who deliberately sets fires, or call Crimestoppers to report anonymously on: 0800 555 111
  • Store your wheelie bins out of sight, preferably behind locked gates if possible and return them to your property as soon as possible on collection day
  • Be aware of where the children or young people you look after are - and what they're doing.
  • Make sure that children and young people are aware of the risks of playing with fire and the consequences of deliberately setting a fire!

Report combustible waste for removal

You can report the build-up of dangerous combustible waste and fly-tipping to St.Helens Council:

Call: 01744 676789

To send us photographic evidence of dangerous combustible waste report the problem via the Council App (search St.Helens Council on all app.stores)