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In St.Helens, the COMPASS programme offers offenders a way out of crime and doing time. It is otherwise known as, Integrated Offender Management (IOM), and is a multi-agency initiative for managing offenders of the most concern in St.Helens.

The aim of COMPASS is to target those who commit the highest volume of crime and disorder, to stop their offending, by ensuring the right intervention is given at the right time.

Offenders are asked to complete a package of interventions and treatments based on their needs, designed to stop them from re-offending. When undertaking the COMPASS programme, offenders are monitored and any failure to co-operate results in being referred back to the Police for enforcement and targeting.

The IOM approach has been identified as best practice by The Home Office and Ministry of Justice, as it enables partnership agencies to work together, share information and develop joint plans for the management of each individual offender.

If you would like more information about IOM and the COMPASS programme, please contact the IOM team on 0151 777 6034.