Stay Smart This World Cup One Punnch

Stay SMART this World Cup!

Although global events such as the World Cup provide us all with an opportunity to come together in enjoyment of the game of football, unfortunately we have seen that events such as this sometimes see rises in certain types of crime such as domestic & alcohol related violence.  - having a deep impact on vulnerable members of our community.   

Although major sporting events don't cause violence, high levels of alcohol consumption combined with hightened emotions, for some, can lead to violence, abuse, fear & wreckless behaviour.

Stay Smart Around Town
We're getting flyers out to all local bars & clubs in St.Helens Town Centre with 5 SMART top tips to keep your celebrations enjoyable:

  • Stay in control: set yourself an upper limit when drinking & stick to it.
  • Make sure you've eaten: drinking on an empty stomach makes your blood alcohol levels go up quicker.
  • Avoid trouble: don't be drawn into arguments or problems.
  • Alcohol can affect the way we process information; just walk away!
  • Remember: the majority of people who drink in town are never violent,
    but if you do feel unsafe go to somewhere with a lot of people around, or
    call the Police.
  • Take time to plan: tell someone where you'll be & what time you
    plan on getting home. Pre-book a taxi or make sure you know the bus/train
    times to get home with your mates.

Blow The Whistle On Domestic Violence

According to research by Women's Aid, the days when England play can lead to a 25 per cent rise in domestic abuse incidents. The day after the big game can see a further 10 per cent increase!

One in four women or one in six men will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime. It can be psychological, sexual, emotional or financial and include threats, harassment, physical attacks, financial control and emotional abuse.

The message is simple - there is no excuse for domestic abuse. If you see it or hear it, don't ignore it - report it!

Blow The Whistle On DV