Total of signatures so far: 270

Name: Sheeraz Ali| on Tuesday November 06, 2018
Name: Sarah Platt|National Probation Service (1) on Saturday October 20, 2018
Name: Jonathan McKee|The Anne Frank Trust UK on Friday August 31, 2018
Comments: Hate crime has no place in society, whether in person or online. In a world that has made so much progress with technology we still struggle to be kind, tolerant and decent to each other. I hope, by signing this pledge, that more people will become aware of the need to tackle hatred, raise awareness about prejudice and discrimination, and promote tolerance.
Name: Harold Murphy|Fingerpost Community Group (4) on Sunday October 22, 2017
Comments: Fingerpost Community Group supports St Helens Councils Hate Crime Campaign and make the town a safer place.
Name: Paul Tallon|Resident on Thursday July 06, 2017
Comments: I believe everybody has the right to live with dignity and peace whatever their race,sexuality, religious beliefs etc
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