It 'll Cost Us Banner

Agencies across St Helens will be targeting adults, who buy alcohol for under 18's. Also known as proxy sales.

The 'It'll Cost You' campaign posters aim to raise awareness amongst young people, retailers and adults. Selling alcohol to adults, who then pass it on to young people is illegal and anyone caught, could end up with an unlimited fine or a custodial sentence.

Trading Standards will be targeting licenced premises throughout the Borough to highlight the common signs for retailers and residents to look out for when selling alcohol including:

  • Groups of young people hanging around the shop door or close to the shop approaching members of the public who then enter the store;
  • An adult re-entering the shop just to buy alcohol after they have left;
  • Known customers making unusual alcohol purchases.

If you suspect a licenced premises of selling alcohol to under 18s, or to an adult supplying under 18s - report them to Trading Standards on 01744 676299 or email: [email protected]

A number of partners were consulted in the development of this campaign, including: Public Health, Trading Standards, Licensing and the Young People's Drug and Alcohol Team.

 Click on the links below the image to download the posters in PDF.

Proxy YP Proxy Retailer Proxy Adult It 'll Cost Us Poster
Poster aimed at Young People  Poster aimed at Retailers     Poster aimed at Adults  Poster aimed at Society