Preventing Terrorism

Prevent Terrorism

The Home Office states that the UK continues to face a threat from terrorism. One security concern is the potential for British citizens and residents to become radicalised and commit acts of terrorism in the UK and overseas.

How can we prevent terrorism?

The Prevent strategy forms one of four strands of the UK Government's Counter-Terrorism strategy, known as CONTEST. The UK faces a continuing threat from both international and domestic terrorism. The Prevent strategy aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

The delivery of Prevent sits within the Council's statutory responsibility under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 for Local Authorities to do all it reasonably can to prevent crime and disorder in its area.

Who plays a role in implementing the Prevent Strategy?

Prevent is driven by a multitude of groups with influence at the local level. A number of agencies contribute to the strategy, from the Police and other emergency services, Local Government and Councils, local businesses and voluntary groups, to members of the general public.

Each of these groups has an instrumental role to play in monitoring the resilience of our local communities to the threat posed by extremism. Members of the public can play an instrumental role in preventing extremist groups from operating within their communities.