Support is available for those at risk of becoming involved in terrorism

Prevent Terrorism

We work closely with the local Police and statutory services to deliver a multi-agency initiative known as Channel. The aim is to support vulnerable individuals at risk of radicalisation and offer guidance and advice to key agencies. Early identification is vital to safeguard the vulnerable individual and prevent them from committing potential criminal acts.

Individuals referred to Channel will have a needs assessment and if suitable for Channel based intervention they will be invited to participate in the intervention, this process is voluntary. The intervention is tailored to meet individual needs and will include a range of activities such as mentoring, leadership skills and other practical assistance.

The Home Office has produced further guidance on this:
• Channel guidance
• Vulnerability assessment

The Channel e-learning module
The Channel e-learning module includes information on how Channel links to the government's counter-terrorism strategy (CONTEST) through the Prevent strategy. It also provides guidance on how to identify people who may be vulnerable to radicalisation and how to refer them into the Channel programme.

There are case studies to help users understand the process of identifying and referring vulnerable individuals, in addition to providing them with support, and is a good way of providing staff with a fundamental understanding of Channel.
Users who successfully complete the eLearning (which takes approximately 25 minutes) can print off a certificate.