Helping you feel safer in St.Helens Town Centre!

Safer in Town is a scheme developed by the St.Helens Coalition of Disabled People (CDP), in partnership with St.Helens Council, the St.Helens Hate Crime Partnership and Merseyide Police. The aim of the scheme is to help vulnerable people feel safe, confident and reassured when visiting and using the facilities within St Helens Town Centre.

How it works?Safer In Town Logo Cdp

  • Members of the scheme are issued with a key-ring and / or fold-down card which includes the Safer in Town logo opposite.
  • The card contains information about the member's emergency contact details.  
  • A number of venues (click on venues for details) around the Town Centre have registered to be safe havens, and will provide assistance to vulnerable people, if you are unwell, haven been involved in an accident, been a victim of crime or just in need of some help and assistance.
  • The registered venues display a 'Safer In Town' sticker in their window - so members know that they can get assistance from the people in that location who will use your details on your card or keyring to call your Emergency Contact.

Register today!

To get your keyring and card, or for more information, contact David Webster at the Coalition of Disabled People-
Call: 01744 730266 
E-mail: [email protected]