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Top tips to prevent neighbour nuisance 

Amplified music/ games

Consider volume - if you can hear it beyond the boundary of your home and garden, it's probably too loud. Regardless of what time it is, it can still cause a nuisance.

Speakers - if you're listening to music in the garden, please position speakers towards your own home, pointing away from neighbouring properties.



Is the work noisy? - Think about the hours you are undertaking it and try not to do it late at night.

Giving the heads up! - if you're planning on doing some home improvements, please let your neighbours know in advance - post a note or message them.


Garden bonfires and burning rubbish

Appeal - St Helens Borough Council and Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service are appealing to residents to not light garden bonfires. 

Remember -  smoke can be harmful to someone with a respiratory problem - it can also prevent others from getting fresh air in the garden.

Danger - burning household rubbish or plastics, foam or paint can produce toxic fumes.

BBQ?- let your neighbours know and never leave it unattended. Keep smoke and noise under control. 



Barking - dogs may bark because they are lonely which can disturb neighbours - please don't leave them unattended if they are likely to bark.

Take the lead - if you're walking your dog, please keep them on their lead so you can control their distance from others.

Pick it up - please take bags out with you and clean-up after your dog - you can dispose of the waste bag in any public bin or take it home with you. Don't ruin the outdoors for others.