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Off-road Vehicle Nuisance

We need your help to identify who is responsible for misusing off-road bikes in St.Helens!

We need to know;

  • Where it happened;
  • When it happened;
  • What the rider and vehicle looked like;
  • Where the vehicles are being stored;
  • Names if possible.

Off-road nuisance is a problem that is affecting the lives of many. The St.Helens Community Safety Partnership is determined to keep St.Helens safe from this nuisance. We need your help to identify who is responsible for riding the off-road vehicles and who owns them - so the police can then take action, either by serving notices on the riders or seizing the machines.

An off road vehicle can be any mechanically propelled vehicle which is built for use off-road, they are deemed not suitable for use on roads and pavements.

For riders living in Social Landlord properties like Torus, if they can be identified and are causing nuisance in the area where they live, action will be taken against them (or their parents/ guardians) as a breach of tenancy. As can those living in privately rented properties.

Sometimes riders hide motorbikes inside their property, this is a fire hazard and puts others at risk. We need you to tell us if you suspect somebody is keeping motorbikes in their home. Merseyside Fire Service will attend and educate riders on the consequences of such behaviour.

Report It

Online: merseyside.police.uk
Facebook: Merseyside Police Contact Centre Facebook
Twitter: @MerPolCC

101 (non emergency)
999 (emergency situation)

You can also provide information anonymously to Crimestoppers: 
Call: 0800 555 111
Visit:   Crimestoppers-uk.org

Click here for details on how to report to Social Landlords like Torus or Riverside Housing