Lighting a grass fire in a public place is arson and could lead to prosecution

Below are some useful facts about grassland fires.

  • Nuisance grass fires in parks and open spaces are a type of anti-social behaviour.
  • Grass fires can easily spread and cause extensive damage - killings plants, animals and even people.
  • Lighting a grass fire in a public place is arson - you could be prosecuted.
  • Some grass fires need several fire engines to attend due to the risk or size of the fire.
  • They are dangerous to yourself and others and could prevent the Fire Service from attending to more serious emergencies.
  • Most grass fires are started by children who think it is harmless fun.
  • Report anyone looking to deliberately set fires in St.Helens parks and open spaces to Merseyside Police online or via 101. In an emergency call 999.
  • All fires need to be reported to Merseyside Fire Service on 999

Click here for advice from Merseyside Fire Service on how to prevent grass fires.