Violent Crime

There are two types of violent crime. Violence without injury and violence with injury.

Violence Without Injury

This includes harrassment, malicious communications and breach of restraining orders. This includes threats made via social media.

 What are we doing to tackle it?

  • Raising awareness of potential consequences of offending
  • Taking action against offenders and providing reassurance to victims

Violence With Injury

This includes offences like domestic abuse, gun or knife crime and general violent assault. An underlying factor in the majority of incidents is alcohol.

What are we doing to tackle it?

  • Raising awareness of the causes and consequences of violence and how to reduce the risk of offending.
  • Provision of knife detection wands to security staff in the Town Centre bars, to assist in identifying people carrying knives.
  • Ongoing knife test purchase operations.
  • Working with Licensees (Designated Premises Supervisors) and their staff to promote responsible sales of alcohol and enforcement of licence conditions.
  • Providing support to High Risk victims of domestic abuse, via the IDVA and MARAC process.
  • Referring offenders onto compulsory domestic abuse related programmes whilst under Probation supervision.
  • Offereing a place on the HELP programme to those not necessarily convicted of domestic abuse, but at risk of doing so.
  • Managed very high-risk violent offenders via Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) for alcohol-related crime. 


 One Punch Can Kill 2018


 *Community Safety Partners join friends and family of Len Saunders at the annual Len Banana evening to launch the One Punch Can Kill campaign.