Domestic Abuse - Honour Based Violence

What is Honour Based Violence, Forced Marriage and FGC?

A forced marriage is a marriage without the valid consent of both parties, where pressure or abuse is involved.

All involved should feel they have a choice and voice. Marriage must be entered into with the full and free consent of both parties.

Forced Marriage

Forced marriage is a form of domestic abuse. Both women and men can be forced to marry and can suffer from honour based violence. It also cuts across many cultures and communities.

Pressure put on people to enter into marriage against their will may include physical and emotional abuse. Those involved may be made to feel that if they don't marry they will bring shame on their family.

Arranged marriages are not the same as forced marriages.

Relatives of both parties have an important role in choosing the marriage partner but the choice to marry or not is up to both parties.

Female Gential Cutting (FGC)

Female genital cutting (FGC) is also known as female genital mutilation (FGM), female circumcision, or female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C), is any procedure involving the partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs. This maybe for  cultural, religious or any other non therapeutic reason. The term FGC is usually used to describe cultural or religious procedures on a girl under the age of 16.

Consent of the parents is required because the girl is minor.The procedure when carried out on an adult with consent is usually described as clitoridectomy or may be part of labiaplasty or vaginoplasty.

It doesn't apply to sex reassignment surgery or the genital modification of intersexuals. FGC is mainly practiced in North East Africa, some areas of East and South East Asia. FGC is illegal in the UK

Forward- Forward was established in the UK in 1983 in response to the emerging problems caused by FGC. Since then Forward has been working to eliminate the practice and support those affected.

The most important thing you can do is tell someone you trust. Never be afraid to ask for help, even if you have previously asked but at that time you didn't feel it was the right time.

Support is available when you are ready

What to do

If you or someone you know is being forced to marry you can contact the Forced Marriage Unit ( FMU).

If you feel you maybe forced into marriage during a trip abroad contact the Forced Marriage Unit before you go.

If a relative or friend has not returned home from a trip abroad and you feel they maybe have been forced to marry again you can contact the Forced Marriage Unit.

It maybe helpful to the FMU if you can give them details such as where the person has gone, when they where due back and when you last heard from them.

The FMU can provide confidential information and advice to those involved. They work with agencies based in the UK and abroad to prevent forced marriages taking place.

Support and advice to those already in forced marriages is provided.

Anybody in the UK regardless of nationality will be offered advice and support.

In an emergency call 999!

FMU contact details

Tel 9am-5pm Monday-Friday 020 7008 0151

Tel Global Response Centre ( out of hours)  020 7008 1500

E-mail [email protected]

Website GOV.UK -Forced Marriage

Support available

If you are worried that someone you are afraid of may find out you have viewed this web page Womens Aid have information about how to cover your tracks!

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