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Legal Consequences

  • There is a maximum sentence of four years in prison for possession of a knife, even if you don't use it,
  • You can get a criminal record for carrying a knife, 
  • Carrying for self defence is not an excuse.

Emotional Consequences

  • Your carrying a knife will have an impact on your family and friends and may also put them at risk,
  • No parent or grandparent would want to see their child go to prison, get hurt or even killed.

Personal Consequences

  • The knife may be turned on you,
  • Employers may not want to employ somebody with a criminal record,
  • Countries such as USA & Canada do not allow people with criminal records in.

St Helens Youth Justice Service

St Helens Youth Justice System work with children and young people aged eight to 18 years who have offended, or are at risk of offending, and help prevent them getting into further trouble. The team consists of staff from Police, Probation Service, Health Service, Education and Social Services. All will work with young people to help them live a crime-free life.

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