Tackling Anti Social Behaviour

In St.Helens we have pledged to tackle all aspects of anti-social behaviour.

We proactively run a number of seasonal campaigns - stepping up policing patrols and targeting priority locations at times when traditionally ASB increases.

We also offer young vulnerable people, who may otherwise be drawn into anti-social behaviour, the chance to get involved with positive alternatives, offered by our partner agencies.

If we can resolve a situation without legal action we will. However, in some situations legal enforcement may be the only answer and we will not hesitate to take action.

Action we take can include:

Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABCs) are non-legally binding written contracts between the Council, Police and a person who has behaved anti-socially. Under the contract, it is agreed that the person should not be involved with certain specified anti-social acts. They are often used with children and young people, but can equally be used for adults when a warning has been unsuccessful in addressing a problem.

Civil Injunction (CI) is a civil order made by the County Court. Injunctions impose positive requirements as well and prohibitions on the person who is committing anti-social behaviour with the aim of putting a stop to the behaviour.

Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) can be issued by a court on a person following a conviction of a criminal offence and where they are known to be engaging in anti-social behaviour.  This order can also impose positive requirements as well as prohibitions. Breaching this order is a criminal offence.

Dispersal Power this power allows the Police to order people to leave a designated area when groups are causing or likely to cause anti-social behaviour  in public places for up to a period of 48 hours.  The Police also have the power under this order to confiscate items from individuals that may be contributing to the reported behaviour.

Closure of premises associated with nuisance or disorder is a fast, flexible power available to the Council or the Police that prevents entry to a building for a minimum period of three months because the use of it has resulted in anti-social behaviour. During the time that the property is closed, it is a criminal offence to remain in or enter the property.

Community Protection Notice (CPN) the purpose of the notice is to stop a business, organisation or person over the age of 16 committing anti-social behaviour which spoils the community's quality of life. It can be used to deal with particular on-going problems or nuisances which negatively impact on or affect the community, by targeting those responsible. It can cover a wide range of anti-social behaviours and can be used against a wide range of perpetrators.

Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) is designed to stop individuals or groups from committing anti-social behaviour in a public space, by imposing conditions on the use of a specific area.