Giving Victims a Say

The new legislation introduced in 2014, aims to give victims more of a say in how ASB is dealt with.

The Community Remedy gives victims a say in the out-of-court punishment of perpetrators for low-level crime and anti-social behaviour by giving them the opportunity to choose from a list of agreed actions that the perpetrators agrees to engage with where there is evidence that anti-social behaviour or an offence has been committed or that the individual admits to anti-social conduct or an offence. 

The interventions available to victims within the Merseyside district include:

  • mediation;
  • a face-to-face or written apology to the victim;
  • not to behave anti-socially in the future by agreeing to an acceptable behaviour contract.  The perpetrator will face further consequences if the agreement is broken;
  • a restorative justice conference where a police officer or independent mediator brings victim and offender together to resolve the issues; or
  • participation in structured activities that are either educational or rehabilitative.

For more information on the Community Remedy visit: The Merseyside Police & Crime Commissioner website

The Community Trigger gives victims and communities the right to request a review of their case if there are concerns that ongoing reports of anti-social behaviour (ASB) have not been addressed.

For more information on the Community Trigger click here.